Winter White – My 1912 Skirt

One of my simple pleasures is the arrival of the Victoria Magazine’s January issue. This is the issue where, every year, all-things-white is the theme. There is something to be said about the serenity of a room decorated in white.

Some of my January issues of the Victoria magazine including this month's issue.

I also love the look of white garments. However, the only time it is ever practical to wear anything white is in a photo spread of the Victoria magazine. White isn’t even practical on your wedding day. I, myself, wear black and grey as my staples with an accent of red or fuchsia. But in keeping with today’s theme  of “all-things-white”,  I thought I would share a winter white 1912 skirt I made. It is a replica of a suit that is part of the Clothing and Textiles Collection at the University of Alberta. The skirts during the Edwardian period were often embellished with soutache and/or embroidery.

1912 Suit

1912 Skirt

1912 Skirt

The embroidery on this suit used very thick floss. I prefer more refined embroidery. But the overall look is very appealing.

Embellishment detail

The following images are of the skirt I made.

My replica of the 1912 skirt.

The soutache trim was hand-stitched in place.

Soutache detail

Embroidery detail

I have enough silk material to make the suit jacket. I am not sure if I will ever get around to it. We will see.