Quilts, Quilts and more Quilts

Since my last posting, I have been on holidays, hence the lack of posts. My husband and I flew down to Las Vegas, NV and from there we rented a car. We traveled approximately 3700 miles/6000 km.  We traveled around Arizona and New Mexico. We saw pueblo ruins and walked some desert trails in Sedona. We visited the Acoma Pueblo in NM also known as Sky City. We also visited the Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO designated site. We stayed in Albuquerque and Santa Fe…I love Santa Fe! So many artists…paintings, pottery, weavings…a feast for the eyes. We also visited many museums in both states. I was lucky to see two quilt exhibits in Tuscon. One was at the Arizona State Museum where 20 Hopi quilts were on display. At the Arizona Historical Society Museum 100 quilts were on display for the celebration of Arizona’s 100th Anniversary of Statehood. Below are some of my favorite quilts. They truly are Arizona quilts. Enjoy!

Tuscon: The Heart of Arizona by Karen G. Fisher

Home Sweet Home by Brenda Dickinson & Kris Lovetro

Watermelon man by Sandra Rakow













REA in Arizona by Therese Bliss and Patricia Bliss

Arizona by Sheila Groman

A Cowboy's Prayer by Nancy Arseneault










Morning at Wukoki by Barbara Janson

Loving Mother by Perri Krom

Navajo Wedding by Darlene Schrag










Viva Arizona! by Julie Scott

Viva Arizona! detail

Cactus Fireworks by Vicki L. Bohnhoff


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