A Most Exquisite Boutis Quilt

Don’t you just love those moments when you meet someone unexpectedly only to realise that this meeting would lead to an extraordinary event. Well that is what happened to me not long ago. I received a call from a lovely woman about a quilt that required some conservation work. Both being quilters with a penchant for hand-quilting the conversation lead me to inform my caller that I had just finished my first boutis pieces (see Jan 3/11 post). She told me that she would arrange to have me meet someone who had just recently finished a most exquisite boutis quilt that was six years in the making. I was delighted to say the least.

A Most Exquisite Boutis Quilt
To see such beautiful workmanship! This quilt has never been on display. Sue S. is a very private person and quilts for her own pleasure. I felt privileged to have been invited to view her quilt. She generously offered to teach me the technique of boutis. Since I had already done a couple of pieces, I was now eager to learn a few tricks. I was not disappointed. I am already planning to make a small window covering for a window that does not get direct sunlight. One knows that textiles will fade over time when exposed to light and white fabric will yellow with direct sunlight. Since it is a small window, hence a small piece, I am willing to test the longevity of a white textile before it turns yellow. It is a bit of a conundrum since the designs of a boutis is best seen when exposed to light yet light exposure contributes to the deterioration of a textile. A risk I am willing to take.

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