A Boutis/White Corded Quilted Bonnet and Jacket Set

I have always been fond of whitework, in particular boutis/white corded quilting. Inspired by a book by Francine Nicolle called Petits Tresors de Boutis I decided to try my hand at boutis.

Petits trésors de boutis (French Edition)

The process of making a boutis is somewhat different from your traditional quilt where you stitch three layers together consisting of a top, a fill and a backing. When creating a boutis, the top and backing are stitched together by hand following the design marked on the backing. The design usually consists of narrow channels and/or compartments. Cotton yarn is then inserted into the channels producing a bas-relief. The overall appearance of a boutis is quite stunning.

As I was expecting a granddaughter, I thought that it would be a nice small project to begin with before attempting a larger piece. Sixty hours later the bonnet and the jacket were completed. They were both stitched by hand with the exception of the bonnet’s crown piece and the jacket’s side seams.

Certain design elements were from Hubert Valeri’s book Boutis d’aujourd’hui.

Boutis d'aujourd'hui (French Edition)

After all this work, my granddaughter, Ruhiyya only wore it a couple of times before she outgrew it. Fortunately, another granddaughter, Kyrene,  was born and the little bonnet and jacket have been passed on to her. I plan to do another boutis in the near future as I really enjoyed the process. Until next time, Happy Stitching!


One thought on “A Boutis/White Corded Quilted Bonnet and Jacket Set

  1. timquilts says:

    Beautiful work!!! it will be a treasured heirloom I am sure

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