New Beginnings

Today is the first day of the year 2010.  It seems like a good time to join the world of blogging. I am an aspiring fibre artist.  I love to create art using a needle pulling thread. I do petitpoint and embroidery and recently quilting. This blog is meant to document and share my progress as I create my own threadlore.

Stay tune for upcoming projects.


4 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Shane Heins says:

    “…an aspiring fibre artist.” An aspiring fibre virtuoso maybe (as you’re already a super fibre artist:). So great to see this happening.

    I look forward to the unfolding of a lore that will be rich, deep and a source of great inspiration!


  2. punknpye says:

    aw hey lady. 🙂 This makes me most happy. I only just found it because you seem to still be emailing to my old email address. Newer one is:
    blog is:
    I’d say welcome but we both seem to have started finding our momentum in this at about the same time. happy journeys through art and blogging.

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